Comprehensive offer

Our individual clients can protect themselves against consequences of any accidents one can imagine and insure any possession. We have a comprehensive offer for both cars and flats owners. We also offer a wide range of products protecting against consequences of accidents and legal liability for caused damages.

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Innovative products

WARTA is known for its innovative products. As the first insurer on the market we launched insurance for skiers - WARTA Ski and assistance to car insurance. We also created the first package dedicated to small and medium enterprises and as the first on the market we extended offer for business entities with property insurance against all risks. All risk formula is currently included in our offer for individual clients (car and house insurance).

All benefits

Efficient claims handling

WARTA's Call Centre operators take care of the customer throughout the whole process of claim handling, from its beginning until the end. In case of simple claims the operators can decide on the amount of compensation off-hand since they are all trained claims adjusters. Thus, every fourth non-life claim is already handled by phone. In case of more complicated claims we use our extensive network of appraisers and affiliate garages.

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Extensive sales network

Our life and non-life insurance products are sold by about 20 thousands of sales people in outlets all over Poland. We are easily accessible to our clients both at the stage of concluding the insurance and its ongoing service.

All benefits
Non-life Insurance

Car insurance

We believe that good car insurance is not only compulsory MTPL and voluntary AC (Accident and theft). That is why we give our clients a possibility of complex protection of not only the car but also the driver and passengers. We offer: 


  • OC Komfort (motor third party liability, car assistance and direct claims settlement)
  • AC in 2 insurance variants (Accident and theft)
  • Assistance in 4 insurance variants
  • NNW (Consequences of car accidents)
  • Special windscreen insurance
  • OC Szybka Wypłata (direct claims settlement)
Non-life Insurance

House and flat insurance

Good house insurance is not only a guarantee of compensation in case of walls or contents damage, that is why we offer:


  • 2 packages of house insurance with a wide range of assistance
  • OC (Third party liability)
Non-life Insurance

Travel insurance

Our clients may feel safe during travel and leisure due to wide range of insurance products securing them in case of accidents:


  • WARTA Travel
  • WARTA Business Travel
  • NNW WARTA in case of accident (Personal accident insurance)
  • School NNW (School accident insurance)