Corporation history

1920s and 30s

1920 - WARTA Reinsurance Company founded in Poznań. 1921 – entering the company into the Commercial Register in Poznań. WARTA becomes the only national reinsurer. 1931 - Head office moves from Poznań to Warsaw In the picture: Members of Management Board of National Fire and Life Insurance in Poznań

1940s nad 50s

1944 – suspending business activity due to losses suffered during the war. 1946 Business resumes after the war and occupation 1947 State Treasury acquires 60% of stock. In the fifties WARTA renews many contracts and establishes numerous contacts – especially with insurance companies from western European countries, WARTA starts cooperation with companies from non-European countries. 1959 – PZU Marine Insurance Inspectorate in Gdynia transforms into the first branch of WARTA in Gdynia. In the picture: WARTA's head office at Nowy Świat Street in Warsaw in the fifties

1950s and 60s

In the sixties WARTA branches in Warsaw, Łódź and Szczecin are established. WARTA starts direct insurance activity. It offers and serves insurance related to marine and aviation services and foreign currency liabilities. The company is rebranded into WARTA Insurance and Reinsurance Company. In the seventies WARTA has a network of foreign agents, representatives and average adjusters in over 17 countries and develops its branches in London and New York. WARTA expands its offer, adding to it travel insurance for Polish citizens both at home and abroad. It also offers OC (MTPL), AC (Accident and theft) and NNW (Consequences of car accidents) insurance for clients travelling to European countries. In the picture: Shareholders' meeting – 1970

1980s and 90s

1983 – first ownership changes – until 1983 the State Treasury was the only owner of WARTA. From 1983 WARTA already had several shareholders: the State Treasury (majority shareholder), Polish Ocean Lines, Polsteam, LOT Polish Airlines and Pekaes Autotransport.1990 – Act on Insurance Activity commences which leads to demonopolization on the insurance market in Poland. 1993. WARTA changes its ownership structure and again becomes a privately-held insurer. WARTA extends its offer with motor insurance and introduces significant changes in the structure and expands its sales network. In the picture: An award for "The best insurance company of the decade 1990 – 1999"


2000 - Belgian Group KBC acquires 40% of stock, becoming one of two main shareholders alongside Kulczyk Holding Group (52.13% of stock) 2003 - KBC Group becomes majority shareholder (51.03% of stock) 2004 - KBC Group's shareholding increases to 75.13% 2006 - KBC Group's shareholding increases to 100% In the picture: Sponsor of the Polish Olympic Team


WARTA undergoes rebranding together with its strategic partner – Kredyt Bank. New logotypes refer to the logo of the main shareholder which emphasizes belonging to the international KBC Group. In the picture: WARTA's new logo.


German Talanx Group and Japanese insurer Meiji Yasuda become the main shareholders of WARTA. Together with other companies belonging to the Talanx Group in Poland WARTA builds up a strong and the second largest insurance group on the Polish market. 9 October - Warta changes its logo. The new logotype maintains continuity with the brand well-known in Poland since 1920, highly valued and recognizable. The font style refers to the Talanx logotype, the new shareholder of Warta. In the picture: new logo of Warta.